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TEK Community Meeting Notice

The Traditional Ecological Knowledge Study is intended to assist the Lake Babine Nation and the Province of BC in exploring opportunities to incorporate First Nations’ values and knowledge into data gathering, monitoring and analysis processes under the Forest and Range Evaluation Program (FREP). Combining western science and traditional knowledge can provide a powerful source of evidence to inform natural resource planning and practices.

This two-year traditional knowledge project will ensure that LBN members, Hereditary Chiefs, Elders, and other traditional knowledge holders are recognized for their knowledge, that their knowledge is used to meaningfully guide natural resource management decisions, that traditional ways of life are sustained, and that important and collaborative roles for First Nations are developed in natural resource monitoring and decision making.

With the above, the Province of BC has funded Lake Babine to undertake a Traditional Ecological Knowledge study which has commenced as of November 1st, 2016.
The Steering Committee are: Deputy Chief Bessie West, Councilors Verna Power, Darcy Dennis, Delores Alec and Mildred Alec-George who will help guide the study, and each inhabited community will strike their own sub-committee that would consist of a community elder, youth and a knowledge holder, the recruitment process was posted and the following are the TEK staff:

  • Evelyn George – Principle Researcher/Project Manager
  • Ramona William – Fort Babine Community Researcher
  • Rose Findlay – Tachet Community Researcher
  • Georgina West – Woyenne Community Researcher

This archive and storage of information and records will remain solely with the Lake Babine Nation until an agreement on their intellectual property rights is in place. 

To inform the community of this project meetings have been scheduled to discuss this project, these information sessions will be held in the following locations, all are welcome:

  • Fort Babine (at the school gym), November 28, 10:00-3:00, lunch provided
  • Tachet (Granisle senior center), November 29, 10:00-3:00, lunch provided
  • Burns Lake (Margret Patrick Hall), November 30, 10:00-3:00, lunch provided

For now, until all offices are set up should you require more information, please contact Georgina West at (250) 692-3188 extension 223.

Thank you,


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