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Daniel Williams Harmon Visits Babine Lake, January 1812

On January 20th, 1812 Daniel Williams Harmon of the North West Company became the first European to record their visit to Babine Lake.

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The Establishment of Fort Kilmaurs, October 1822

In October of 1822 Hudson’s Bay Company Trader William Brown cleared the portage between Stuart and Babine Lakes landed on present day Old Fort as the location for the HBC post in ‘Babine Country’.

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The Balhats are Prohibited, 1884

In 1884 the Indian Act was amended to prevent First Nations people from practicing many elements for their culture.

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The First Indian Agent, 1889

In 1889 the area around the upper Skeena centred on Hazelton was designated the Babine Agency.  Indian Agent R. E. Loring was sent to oversee all of the First Nations people in that area.

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The Barricades are Removed, October 1904

The first round of the several year dispute that led up to the creation of the Lake Babine Barricade treaty happened in October of 1904

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Rotten Nets are Provided, Fall 1905

In the fall of 1905 fisheries officers brought nets for the Babine to use, but they were so rotten they tore rather than holding the fish.

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The Barricades are Protected and the Treaty is Made, 1906

After nearly starving the winter before due to the rotten nets that the fisheries officers had supplied, the Babine people rebuilt the weir in the summer of 1906.

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The Amalgamation of Old Fort and Fort Babine Indian Bands, 1957

Until 1957 Old Fort and Fort Babine were considered separate nations.

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