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Babine Fence Claim

This is a slightly different kind of claim.  The area was never made a reserve, but LBN is arguing that because it was such an important area for LBN it should have been made into a reserve.  Because reserves tended to be granted in the areas that a First Nation used the most, it makes sense that an area, like the fence, that was used so much for salmon processing should have been set aside for LBN.  Because the government was not looking after the fishing interests of LBN, they may have breached their fiduciary duty to protect those things that were and are central to LBN’s well-being. 
Like the portage claim, this is still in the research stages and has a long road ahead before anything concrete comes out of it.

Foundation Negotiations Updates

The Foundation Negotiations team would like the opportunity to update you on Foundation Negotiations between  British Columbia Government and Canada and Lake Babine Nation & Lake Babine Nation Forestry. 

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