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The 2012 Archaeological Dig & Field School

The 2012 Dig & Field School

For the upcoming summer LBN Treaty has coordinated with Dr. Rahemtulla for a follow up excavation at the site accompanied by a smaller, LBN exclusive, field school from July 9th to August 17th.  There are two parts to this project. 

The first is a small field school that only LBN members are eligible for, but they must meet the entry requirements for UNBC.  This will still be a full credit field school with students who successfully complete the dig and all the written work receiving fifteen upper level Anthropology credits at UNBC.  Up to six LBN members will be selected to participate in this school by the Treaty Office and the LBN Education Department

The second part of this project is the focus on excavating one of the house pits located near the DFO site.  For this purpose 8 graduate students from across the province will be brought in to participate in moving the dig forward.  The reason for this is that these students have already completed their undergraduate work and are knowledgeable about the techniques of excavation which will allow the dig to move forward much more quickly in the limited time frame available. 

By focussing on a house pit excavation, Dr. Rahemtulla hopes to gain more insight into how long the site was in use and how that use evolved over time.  The artifacts that may be uncovered could be very valuable in demonstrating the importance of this site to LBN and highlighting how long this has been a central fishing station and village site for the Nation. 

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