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Portage Claim

The portage claim has to do with the reserve located on the Babine Lake end of the portage between Babine and Stuart Lakes.  This reserve is currently held by Yekooche.  LBN is researching a claim that argues that this reserve actually belongs to LBN and was originally intended for the use of the LBN members rather than Yekooche members.  The research for this claim is ongoing, but in many ways it hinges on who the lands commissioner at the time intended this reserve to be for. 

Once the research on this claim is complete, a legal opinion will have to be completed.  If the legal opinion finds that Canada breached its fiduciary responsibility to LBN, then the claim will be filed for consideration by the federal government.  

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY - Administrative Assistant

Lake Babine Nation requires an Administrative Assistant for the Fisheries Department. The Administrative Assistant will
be responsible for the wide variety of administrative duties in support of the Fisheries Director.

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