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Tachet is a small community of nearly 200 permanent residents located at the mouth of the Fulton River.  Tachet is nearly 75 Kilometers northwest from Burns Lake and accessible by close to 100 kilometers of paved highway.  The community has a recently constructed campground and community smokehouse as well as a community operated gas bar and convenience store.  Further developments on RV parking sites and lakefront trails linking to the salmon hatchery are underway to facilitate tourism to this location.

Historically, this was a minor, likely seasonal, fishing village which was situated to take advantage of the sockeye migration up the Fulton River.   The village is recorded in the earliest fur trade records for the region, but the records contain little detail about the village or its inhabitants.  Today, the commercial fishery that occurs each summer is an important employer in the community and may be further developed to allow for initial processing on site. 

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EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY - Administrative Assistant

Lake Babine Nation requires an Administrative Assistant for the Fisheries Department. The Administrative Assistant will
be responsible for the wide variety of administrative duties in support of the Fisheries Director.

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