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Treaty Process

The Treaty Process has 6 stages.  LBN is at stage 4.  

Stage 1:  Statement of Intent to Negotiate

In this stage LBN gave the government a map of the area that they were claiming.  This map has changed since then.  LBN also told the government that they wanted to negotiate a treaty and explained which people would be represented by LBN.

Stage 2:  Readiness to Negotiate

This stage was when LBN, BC, and Canada first met together.  They made sure that everyone had a good negotiator and enough money to start to negotiate a treaty.  When everybody was ready, the table was declared ready to start negotiations.

Stage 3:  Negotiation of a Framework Agreement

This stage is where LBN, BC, and Canada decided what topics are going to be talked about in the treaty.  These became the chapters that we use today.  This is also where BC talked to other groups that might be affected by an LBN treaty to see what those groups had to say.

Stage 4:  Negotiation of an Agreement in Principle

This is where the actual treaty is negotiated.  The idea is to talk about all of the topics that are outlined in stage 3 and come to an agreement on them.  This takes a really long time because things like law making, and governments have to be figured out.  LBN is at this stage.

Stage 5:  Negotiation to Finalize a Treaty

After all of the big issues are sorted out the treaty moves towards being signed.  In this stage all of the little legal and technical issues are worked out.  At the end of this stage the treaty is signed and becomes official.

Stage 6:  Implementation of the Treaty

This is the part where all of the stuff talked about in the treaty is made into reality.   Plans will have been made about how all of the treaty parts will be put into play for LBN and what the time line for this will be.


EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY - Administrative Assistant

Lake Babine Nation requires an Administrative Assistant for the Fisheries Department. The Administrative Assistant will
be responsible for the wide variety of administrative duties in support of the Fisheries Director.

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