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The history of the Lake Babine Nation is intricately connected with the traditional territory and the balhats system of traditional land management and government.  This area of the website has several sections that explore different parts of the history and culture of LBN. 

The historical timeline is a list of important events in the history of the Lake Babine Nation and the area surrounding Babine Lake itself.  This section of the website will be regularly updated with new events and dates. 

The section titled “Celebrating Our Language” contains small video and audio clips of how to say words and small phrases in Carrier.  This will also be continually updated so that people can keep brushing up on their language skills. 

“Archaeology” has updates and information about the archaeological work taking place near the Babine Fence.  As this section is updated it will also have information about other archaeological sites throughout the territory.

Keep checking back for new additions to these sections!


Follow our timeline from January 1812 until 1957.

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Celebrating Our Language

 Join us in celebrating our people, our history, and our culture.

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Check out some of the different archaeological projects and studies on the territory!

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