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June Newsletter

LBNTO - Our Stories, Our Culture

Cindy Lowley- Patrick- Interim Manager

It is with the June news letter that I bring many items to your attention. First off- congratulating all the Academic Graduates of the 2013-2014 year- you make us very proud.

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Marvin Williams- Indigenous Planning Facilitator

Good Day to all,it has been a very busy month of May; we had some meetings with Smithers, Prince George and Vancouver. We also made a treaty update at the Lakes District Secondary School. Then we were in Vancouver for a digitizing course at the Museum of Anthropology, and we met with Karyn Sharp, Lisa Krebs, George Nicholson and John Monroe in Prince George, then we went back to back to Burns Lake to meet with John and George at the Lake Babine treaty office. And then Roger Patrick and I are in Vancouver for more research work.

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Roger Patrick- Indigenous Planning Facilitator

Springs been a really busy time for all of us here at the treaty office, a lot of training, meetings, consulting has been happening throughout for the past few months, August is how far in advance we have been scheduled. Seems like personally I might have to book holidays till all is completed. 

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LBNT has 30 chapters here is the name of each one 

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Match the name with the Hereditary Name

Please take note we will be doing different names every monthr 

The first person to call in the right answer will receive a prize.

We will start taking answers June 9th, 2014


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  • A reminder for all the youth ages 13-25 please fill out a registration form for the You Forum and hand it in to the Treaty Office by June 6th, 2014 
  • Another reminder for the youth if they can hand in a short paragraph or page telling us "What you as youth would like to see for the Lake Babine Nation in the future?" 

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June Birthdays

Mary Michell

Barney Charlie

William Duncan

Mary Ann Adam

Robert Starrett

Mary Lou Abraham

Gracie George

Emma Fresco

James Leon

Frederick Abraham

Catherine Michell

Eileen Alec

Margaret Skin

Larry Lolly

Roger West

Phyllis Herbert

Matilda Sam

Janet Macadam

John West

Dora Patrick

Paul Alec

Rose Johnny

David Tom

Molly Charlie

Susie Duncan

Randy Joseph

Jerry Madam

Sandra Patrick

Brenda Matthew

Allan Lolly

Wally Charlie

Ivan Lowley

Michael Patrick

Fabian Crowell

Sylvia Desjardins

Marilyn Michell

Cora Abraham

Cheryl Lolly

Melvin Joseph

Robert Partaker

Kevin Alec

Carla MacDonlad

Martin Coffin

Robert Spenst

Anthony Tom

Carl Williams

Bernice Nicholas

Wanda Hallgren

Lisa Alec

Loretta Tom

Tammie Milton

Melena Aarenburg

Derek West

Claudia Williams

Sharon Patrick

Ebert West

Valerie Charlie

Rodney Joseph

Stanley Williams

Beatrice Michell

Lawrence Hallgren

Cecilia Godfrey

Leonard Tom

Geraldine Larson

Jeremy Lowley

Ivan West

Barbra Tom

Marina Patrick

Lisa Puglas

Bernadette Charlie

Lorena Jensen

Denise Lowley

Ryan Williams

Anita Tom

Bridget Peter

Conradine Langille

Kerridge Lowley

Benjamin Hansen

Sarah Tom

Belinda Joseph

Theresa Tom

Richtina Sides

Olivia Lolly

Tyler West

Angela Nap

Jason Michell

Tyrone Abraham

Stuart Williams

Richard Lowley

Shannon Alec

  Frank Erickson

Kelsey AbrahamMarinna Perry

Rozlynn Leask

Marlene Michell

Cheryl Tress

Gabrielle Prince

Trevor Williams

Billy Lolly

Terri Lynne Kinny

Gordon George

Leo Perry

Eric Lowley

Carolyn Nicholas

Samantha West

Edward Jack

Wilf Plasway

Janessa Patrick

Gerald Woodgate

Erin Alec

Sherri Disher

Branden Tom

Joshua Tom

Kerry Alec

Shenna Tom

Janice Clausen

Catlin Williams

Martin Abraham

Billy Nicholas

Paul Alec

Steven Smith

Martin Hopkins

Trevor Madam

Gerald Skwarchuk

Cherice Charlie

Crystal Joseph

Jason Clements

Katie Alec

Devon Aslin– West

Kayla Williams

Jodie Woodruff

Amber Michell

Jake Wilson

Terence Charlie

Christine Alec

Shawn Patrick

Selina Schwab

Chanel Bisson

Darien Petit

Natasha Williams

Jerimiah Joseph

Tilesha Charlie

Teno Martinez– West

Helen Tommy

Philine West

Felicia Dennis

Carole Marlowe

Ryan George– Tom

James Abraham

Fern Marlowe

Christian Isaac

Dalton Tom

William Robinson

Ashley Wilson

Carrier Crouse

Jason Lowley

Michelle Abraham

Sahara Tom

Orion Moyles

Montana Lowley

Devon Williams

Damon Lolly

Caitlynn Disher

Brendan Wilson

Ciara Rosse

Cole Hall

Marilyn Edwards

Nolan Williams

Katelyn Watson Patrick

Michael Williams– Lacerte

Kaylyn Williams

Skylar Miller

Quinten Weselowski

Warren Nap

Randi Savard

Teianah Tom

Denzel George

Morgan Abraham

David Penner

Halieterri-lee MacDonald

Jenoah Abraham

Timothy Joseph Jr

Mildred Alec

Lucas Aardenburg

Timothy Penner

Alexandria Perry

Warren Disher

Edouard Perry

Susan Joseph

Alex Bellisle

Talon Paul



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