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May, 2014 Newsletter

LBNTO - Our Stories, Our Culture


Greetings, first of all I would like to send my condolences to all the families who have lost a loved one, congratulate the parents of the academic graduates/ students and the arrival of the newest LBN Members. 

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Good Day
                          First of all I would like to send my prayers and my condolences to the families of Nancy James, especially Dale James. I would also like to send my prayers and my condolences to Lanny Ukrainitz, for the passing of Nancy James and Nick Ukrainitz. RIP Nancy and Nick. The month of April has been quiet, so I was able to catch up on some work, reviewing and filing some materials from the B.C. Archives;

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What is a cow with no legs?
- Ground Beef




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Please take note that we will be doing different names every month


The first person to call in the right answer  will receive a prize. We will start taking answers May 5, 2014

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May Birthdays

Emma William
Thomas Dan
John Madam
Marian Plasway
Victorina Williams
Leonard Williams
Josephine Balczer
Sylvester Patrick
Nora Lolly
Ruby Shaw
Peter Alec
Victor Shaw
Leonard Adam
Gordon Alec
Peter Madam
Mary Anne George
Terrance Duncan
Ruby Adam
Margaret Nicholas
Lloyd Abraham
Gerard Lowley
Roger Lowley
Florence Michell
Annette Casimir
Wayne Lowley
Grace West
Donald Findlay
Teddy West
Mildred George
Doreen Lolly
Randy Abraham
Benny George
Fiona West
Gary Williams
Verna West
Robert Wright
Coleen Pierre
Brian Williams
Mary Anne Perry
Sandra Mcarthur
Sunny Dennis
Darlene Williams
Jerry Tom
Agnes Beauchamp
Heather Holland
Pearl George
Glenda Giles
Brain Tom
Ferlin Lowley
Gail Lowley
George Alec
Ivan Leon
Ellain Charlie
Rodney Lolly
Christopher Thomas
Tracey Peter
Norbert Tom
Miranda Mason
Randy Tom
John Aslin
Lee Modine
Holly Duncan
Vicki West
Dennis Bird
Ken Aslin
Cameron Michell
Roderich Bless
Dieter Bahr
Barbara Michell
Beatrice Michell
Brain Perry
Marlene Currie
Daniel Williams
Herbert Charlie
Jean Tommy
Darin Michell
Edmond Williams
Melissa West
Amanda Wettstein
Rhoda Hallgren
Frank West
Ericka Michell
Shane George
Lillie Sides
Roxane Alec
Joyce Nicholas
David Laurie
Shaun George
Melissa Nicholas
Candice Sjogren
Carmen Alec
Elizabeth West
Shawnee Geirdner
Grant Michell
Rodney Garcia
Ryan Whynott
Laura Ehlert
Lawrence Perry
Dwayne Sutherland
Gordon Gerow
Stephanie Pierre
Joseph Lowley
Jason Michell
Jan-Michael Taylor
Gentry Nadeau
Trevor Smith
Jeffrey Brown
Brittany Lolly
Savanna Michell
Joseph Abela
Angela Perry
Tiffany Plasway
Lyle Alec
Joshua Prince
Chelsey Charlie
Felicia Alec
Rodney Plasway
Brandi Tom
Doris Jack
Melanie Dominic
Clara Lowley
Lindsay Findlay
Courtney Dennis– Michell
Myles Alec
Francine Miller
Kurtis ALen
Randall Alexander
Kevin Hall
Tyler Williams
Aerial Giles
Edward Lowley
Sara Erickson
Lucy Alec
Chad Lowley
Ashley Lowley
Hillary Leon
Danielle Lalonde
Brandon Patrick
Cody Hurd
Justin Wilson
Candyda Patrick
Marion West
Patrick Adam
Samuel Tom
Kayla Peters
Ashley Alec– Cole
Domonick Sjogren
Shawn Williams
Jenara Tom
Mackenzie Manuel
Leon Erickson
Gavin Michell
Tanner Hall
Allison Alec
Felicity Madam
Mark Belanger
Seth George
Jadan Larson
Terence Joseph
Karmen Savard
Jaden Peters
Taneshia Nicholas
Tanner Holland
Jessica Charlie
Cherell Crocker
Trinity Williams
Sadie Dennis
Jray Wesy
Jamie Lee Wilson
Cecilia Godfrey Marinne MacDonald
Angel Joseph
Summer Michell
Frank Erickson
Keontay Williams
Lynnea Mercer
Gentry Balczer
Dredon Basil
Dawn Star Pierre
Peter Williams



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