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March, 2014 Newsletter

LBNTO - Our Stories, Our Culture

Cindy Lowley - Patrick - Interim Manager

I would like to take the time to express my condolences, send prayers, wishes of happiness, and congratulations of all the members who have gone through events and experiences this past few months. Being a large nation  has it’s difficulties in staying in touch with the members on a regular basis. 

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Marvin Williams - Indigenous Planning Facilitator Report

Good Day
                       It has been an emotional year for the treaty department/staff. As we have lost a great man, an awesome leader as the Late Joseph Michell passed away On October 18th, 2013. We have learned a lot from Joe, and we will continue on with his work. In November we had the AGA, in that meeting it was decided that the treaty process would be returned to the people.   And then in early December we had the treaty forum, the treaty staff did the update on what we have been doing, both in the office, as well as our field trips (interviewing elders, attending meetings and taking elders out into our territory of Babine Lake.

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Roger Patrick - Indigenous Planning Facilitator Report

Happy belated New Year, Lake Babine Nation Treaty office will be under going a restructuring off the treaty admin . As many of our member whom were at our AGA ( Annual General Assembly) and or attended our two day Treaty Forum on December 6&7, 2013 understand what this means. Chief and Council of our nation will be turning the Lake Babine Nation Treaty process to our Hereditary chiefs in the near future. Our Lake Babine Nation hereditary chiefs have to prepare for this task.

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Links to check out

Check out some of the links to other nation in treaty process 

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Trivia Question

*Trivia Question. The first person that calls in the right answer will  receive a prize.*  Good Luck!  250-692-3933

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March Birthdays

We would like to wish everyone in March a Happy Birthday from the Lake Babine Treaty. Hope you have a wonderful and blessed day. If we have forgotten anyone we would like to apologize. If you can call the office to let us know about Anniversary’s, and special events that would be great.

  • Ronald Abraham
  • Norman West
  • Connie Abraham
  • Josphine Antione
  • William Lowley
  • Irene Peter
  • Esther MacDonald
  • Peter Williams
  • Rose Pierre
  • Marie Patrick
  • Myrtie Michell
  • Roger Joseph
  • Wilfred Plasway
  • Victor Tom
  • Anne Joseph
  • William Lawley
  • Robert Wesley
  • Murphy Patrick
  • Barbara Glass
  • Ann Ramsli
  • Alex Tom
  • Johnson Tom
  • Louie George
  • Theresa Michell
  • Joseph Alec
  • Madeline Sophie Williams
  • Elizabeth Charlie
  • Heather Williams
  • Sara Casimir
  • Ken Michell Jr
  • Chelsea Brown Katelynn Harman
  • Joey Nadeau
  • Angel Tom
  • Elaine Joseph
  • Micheal Holland/Namox
  • Jobena Alec
  • Duncan Tom
  • Anna Bertacco
  • Delores Prince
  • Shirley Whynott
  • Lucky Fortin
  • Warner Adam
  • Lee Roy Joseph
  • William Spenst
  • Joyee Benson
  • Brenda Lolly
  • Brenda Grinder
  • Rita Tom
  • Jacqualine George
  • Loretta Joseph
  • Johnathan Wilson
  • Rachel Michell
  • Joseph Heiney
  • Dominic Perry
  • Fabin Michell
  • Darrell Lacerte
  • Colleen Brown
  • Benard Patrick
  • Jennifer Dunk
  • Bryan Potkins
  • Brenda Antione
  • Kelly Tizya
  • Lisa Mercer
  • John Jack
  • Georgina West (Tom)
  • Lorene Travis
  • Darcy Dennis
  • Lisa Jack
  • Eugene Tom
  • Chelsea Jack
  • Magan Dominic
  • Shaunenne Michell
  • Sonya Patrick
  • Gary Alec Jr
  • Quentin Williams
  • David Tom
  • Cassandra Larson
  • Monica West
  • Luke Charlie
  • Kayla Dennis
  • Katelyn Woodgate
  • Rannel Joseph
  • Dawson Patrick
  • Nichalos Nikal
  • Haley Anderson
  • Theresa Lowley
  • Rebbeca Hurford
  • Paige Williams
  • Clorese George
  • Granett Williams Wilson
  • Corrine Leon
  • Rose Rita Patrick
  • Heather Joseph
  • Gloria Michell
  • Danny Tress
  • Amelia Dancia Dolha
  • Rebecca Hall
  • Tammy Zehmke
  • Frank Michell Jr
  • Richard Alec
  • Jennifer Abraham
  • Calvin Tom
  • Robert Finlay
  • Cheryl Lacerte
  • Murray MacDonald
  • Victoria Hall
  • Frank MacDonald Jr
  • Peter Williams Jr
  • Philp Lacerte Jr
  • Darnell Michell
  • Dustin Patrick
  • Crystal Tom
  • Tanya Abraham
  • Teddy Lowley
  • John Robert Finlay
  • Brandon George/Rosso
  • Felicia Erickson/Tom
  • Joseph Steve Patrick
  • Stephanie Tom
  • Tori Belanger
  • Stewart Dennis Morgan
  • Michelle Allison Tom
  • Jordon Clementsw
  • Paula Alec
  • Chenoa Brown
  • Drizzt Godfrey
  • Harley Plasway
  • Cyrus Plasway
  • Demitia Perry/Wade
  • Elizabeth Michell
  • Austin Erickson
  • Blake Hallgren
  • Mariah Morin/Macham
  • Desire Bertacco
  • Karli Duncan
  • Lorie Hamilton
  • Tanisha Lowley
  • Jeff West Jr
  • Dimond Daniels
  • Jasmine George
  • Faith Basel-Tom
  • Fara Abraham
  • Aaliyah Erickson



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