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April, 2014 Newsletter

LBNTO - Our Stories, Our Culture

Cindy Lowley-Patrick - Interim Manager

Greetings fellow Lake Babine Nation Citizens. The month of March has proven to be a busy one but a very productive one at that. The LBNT staff attended a community information session in Ft Babine, Meetings at the UNBC and UBC library, held a one day planning session with the Youth, parents and grandparents to plan a 3 day Youth Forum in June 2014.

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Roger Patrick - Indigenous Planning Facilitator Report

Happy Easter, since the new year our Lake Babine Nation Chief and Council have given the Lake Babine Nation Treaty staff to permission start up our community meetings. We have done a few meetings in Vancouver, Prince George and Fort. Babine. With only a few staff at our office it was very hard to cover all of the areas of where our members live, but with the support we will eventually get to your community within a few weeks. Today when you walk into our office you will see a lot of maps, genealogy records, and replica maps of where our ancestors use to live.

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Marvin Williams - Indigenous Planning Facilitator Report

Good Day
                   The month of March 2014 has been a very busy. And first of all my condolences to late Byron Adam, Walter Patrick, Loretta Madam and Lanny Spenst families (LBN) and to the Michell and Namox families (Wet’suwet’en) it’s always hard losing a loved one, God Bless to all. We left off the month of February with a meeting at UNBC (FEB 28, 2014) as well as an interview with elder Pat Michell.

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Match the Names with the Hereditary Name

Please take note that we will be doing differnet names every month. 

The First Person to call in the right answer will receive a prize. Also we will not be taking phone calls until April 7,2014 

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April Birthday's

Celina Ross
Angeline Charlie
Bedelia Smith
Harold Starrett
Magdalene Bird
Jimmy Michell
Rose Isaac
Ernest George
Mary Ann Poirier
Norman Williams
Rosie West
Wilfred Lowley
Christine Forester
Evelyn George
William Tom
Myrtle Perry
Lucy Charlie
Doris Munger
Martina Lolly
Clarence Joseph
Patrick Michell
Walter Madam
Wilf Adam
Rita Michell
Clara Williams

Bertha Michell
Michael Williams
Billy John Tom
Richard Perry
Beverley Abraham
Marlene Alec
Georgina West
Charles Perry
Valerier Joseph
Violet Abraham
Vivian Recollet
Wayne Tom
Ann Tom
Brenda Dominic
William Findlay
Verna Power
Michael Dominic
Lorna West
Norma Cardinal
Rose Tom
Michael Bertacco
Bernice Rosso
Richard Scott
Pearl West

Darlene Hallgren
Dan MacDonald
Brenda Tom
Barbara Mary Lowley
Colette Plasway
Melvina Tom
Millie Tom
Laura Lowley
Dinah Alec
Cyril West
Christopher Lolly
Theodore Williams Jr
Winnie Smith
Jerome Charlie
Charlie Dan
Elizabeth Lowley
Edward Bailey
Bobbi Larson
Sharon Patrick
Olive Hurd
Ricky West
Craig Patrick Sr
Stephanie Dan
Jennifer Michell
Tara Lolly
Rhoda Williams
Ron West
Arne Clausen
Carrie Dolha
Ginette Brown
Arlene Williams
Deanna Brown
Lori West

Stanley Lowley
Murphy Abraham
Ranning Charlie
April West
Karen Dennis
Laurie Alec
Duane West
Calvin Joseph
  David Tessel
Corrine Lowley
Kirk Charlie
Lindsey Lolly
Daisy Charlie
Dallas Dolha
Laura Madam
John Nicholas
Pauline Abraham
Bernadette Lacerte
Pamela Bazil
Brett Lowley
Quentin Macadam
Richard Dominic
April Wilson
Lindsey Tom
Dwayne Joseph
Christopher Lolly
Clarence Williams
Cheryl Abraham
Dominic Tom
Danae Dennis
Waylon Reimer
Sheila Lolly
Justin Nadeau
Michael Perry
Shane MacDoanld
Bradley Williams
Candice Lolly
Carla Tom
Alec Plasway
Kimberly Wilson
Andrew Lolly
Wilfred Charlie
Katrina Woodgate
Chelsea Woodgate
Marcel Plasway
Naomi Findley
Christina Abraham
Martin Bakker
Michael Hall
Kyle Alec
Jessica Nedeau
Travis Tom
Kirsten Patrick
Sakanisin Charlie– Tom
Candice Patrick
Brittany Joseph
Keshia Lowley
Julian Patrick
Theresa Patrick
Pebbles Williams-Bings
Dillion Alec
Kayla Alec
Jessica Hall
Tess Williams
Nadine Joseph

Danielle Tom

Ashton Davis
Christie West
Tristan Heiney
Taylor Forsythe
Donovan Williams
Deanna West
Waylon Johnny
Simon Tommy
Louie Laurent
Pablo Dennis– Morgan
Michelle Alec
Larissa Williams Squi-Qui
Lattessa Joseph
Vincent Weselowski
Selena Williams
Tanesha Lowley
Reis Williams
Vaughan Michell
Kobe Antoine
Joslin Patrick
Adam Johnson
Jozette Royer
Halena Tom
Payton Cresswell
Braden Plugas
Noah Basil
Tyrese Lowley
Sheniel Abraham
Lexi Larson
Bethany Lowley
Kirk Charlie Jr
Michael Harris– Alec



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